Masters in Public Administration (Emphasis in Theory), The Evergreen State College, Olympia, WA (current)

Bachelor of Arts (Emphasis in Philosophy), The Evergreen State College, Olympia, WA

Pratt Fine Arts Center (Emphasis in Painting), Seattle, WA

Private Instruction – Richart, Centralia, WA



2012                 Rare Medium Gallery, Stations, Seattle, WA

2011                 4th Floor Gallery, Tracy and Tracy, Seattle, WA

2010                 Gallery I/M/A, Now in this Time, Seattle, WA

2009                 Gallery I/M/A, Introducing, Seattle, WA

2008                 Blank Space, Ground to Pieces, Seattle, WA

2008                 Studio Q Gallery, Crumbling the Order of Things, Seattle, WA

2005                 Golden Shoe Gallery, New Works, Seattle, WA

2004                 Elisabeth/Murry Gallery, New Works, Seattle WA



2015                 1120 Creative House, Group Show, Tacoma, WA

2014                 Tacoma Art Museum, Splash at the Tacoma Art Museum, Tacoma, WA

2012                 Bherd Gallery, This is not your Grandmothers Still Life, Seattle, WA

2012                 Evergreen State College, S.O.S., Olympia, WA

2011                 Art/Not Terminal Gallery, Rock the Terminal, Seattle, WA

2011                 Rock/DeMent, 619/306, Seattle, WA

2011                 Drum of the Draw, Invitational. Seattle, WA

2010                 Ouch My Eye, Spirit Resonance, Seattle, WA

2009                 Gallery I/M/A, Group, Seattle, WA

2009                 Twilight Artist Collective, The Ontology of the Image, Seattle, WA

2009                 Lawrimore Project, Art Auction, Seattle, WA

2008                 Gallery I/M/A, Group Show, Seattle, WA

2008                 Canvas Gallery, Three Ply Art Auction – H.E.R.O. American Wind Association, Seattle, WA

2008                 The Art Monastery of Italy, Group, Everett, WA

2008                 Canvas an Art Gallery, Implications of Weight, Seattle, WA

2007                 Forgotten Works Gallery, New Works in Abstraction, Seattle, WA

2005                 Golden Shoe Gallery, Group Show, Seattle, WA

2005                 Blass Gallery, Group Show, Seattle, WA

2005                 Modern Vila Gallery, Beach Coast, Cannon Beach, OR

2004                 Golden Shoe Gallery, Group Show, Seattle, WA

2003                 Consolidated Works, Group Show, Seattle, WA



2014                 Spaceworks, Creative Enterprise Program

2013                 Challenger High School, Outstanding Volunteer Award



2015                 The News Tribune, Art & Culture, May

2012                 City Arts, Visual Arts Review

2011                 The Seattle Times, Loretta Pettway at Greg Kucera, a salute to the 619 Western Building artists

2009                 The Seattle Group, The Ontology of the Image

2009                 Lauren Broomall, Portraits of Life at Work: a field study of artists in their natural habitat, Web.

2009                 Seattle Art Blog, A Bridge for the Deeper Felt Sentiments – Seldom Spoke

2009                 Art Access, Group Show

2008                 MARKART5, Ground to Pieces

2008                 Seattle Art, July

2008                 Art Access, Ground to Pieces

2007                 James J. Brown, New WorksIntroduction



2012 - 2013       Challenger High School, presentations and discussions

2009 - 2012       The Seattle Group: founder, coordinator, and participant

2006 - 2008       Artist Round Table: founder, coordinator, and participant

2009                 Pecha Kucha, Presentation



2015                 COCA (Center on Contemporary Art) Seattle WA

2014 - 2015       Pierce County Chamber, Tacoma WA

2009 - 2015       Artist Trust, Seattle WA

2015                 Tacoma Art Group, WA




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